Welcome to Your Information Packet


Welcome to your virtual information packet. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can start right back up in case you get called away.

My name is Mackay Rippey. I started studying  acupuncture in 1989 at the Maryland Institute of Integrative Health and have been in practice for more than 25 years.

•  25+ years of experience
•  New York Licensed
•  Specialized Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease

Please take your time and go through this information packet thoroughly. It has all the information (and more) you’ll need to make the decision to take the next step toward better health.

The next step will be to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation personally with me.  During the call  you will get a sense of who I am and I will get a sense if acupuncture is right for you.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Click on the button below to learn about healing with acupuncture.


P.S. That’s me getting ready to enjoy dinner on the floating seafood restaurant in Phuket, Thailand. My hair normally doesn’t stand up like that. It was windy!

The Next Step

The next part of your virtual information packet is a brief introduction to 5-Element Acupuncture.

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