The Energy Overhaul

The Energy Overhaul combines the first step and second steps in 5-Element Acupuncture Treatment Protocol into one session that lasts two to three hours. The first portion of your Energy Overhaul is a complete health history and brief physical exam called the Traditional Diagnosis. This is followed by a short break.

After your break we begin a special treatment protocol which will remove energy blocks that prevent healing. When I studied in England with J.R. Worsley, the founder of 5-Element Acupuncture, he took on many patients who had failed to get better with other acupuncturists. He always started  with these six clearing treatments. They are incredibly powerful and are unique to 5-element acupuncture.

The Energy Overhaul is the most important and critical step to you feeling better. In 25+ years of treating patients, I have found skipping over these very specific and important treatments eventually becomes a frustrating lack of progress.

Energy Overhaul Protocol
Traditional Diagnosis
– External Dragons
– Internal Dragons
– Aggressive Energy
– Husband-Wife
– Akabane Test
– Exit/Entry Blocks
– Body Clock Re-set
– Causative Factor Treatment

Traditional Diagnosis

The first part of your visit is devoted to gathering a great deal of information about your current health, medical history, lifestyle  and energy patterns.

In 5-Element acupuncture, this process is called the Traditional Diagnosis, or TD, and usually lasts about two hours. There is a short physical examination, along with pulse-taking, but no needles are used  during the TD.

Internal/External Dragons

These two treatments are only done when necessary. They are the deepest and most significant blocks and arise from severe or long standing emotional or physical trauma like car accidents, abuse and chronic Lyme Disease. Today these blocks are often diagnosed as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Aggressive Energy

This blockage occurs when the body, mind or spirit is so overcome by everyday stressors that the entire energy system begins to lose it’s integrity. The ensuing chaos eats away at your health eventually causing death.

Husband-Wife Blockage

Despite it’s name, the Husband-Wife Block has nothing to do with relationships. It describes a condition within the body where the yin energy is not transforming into yang energy.

While that sounds very “new age-y”, you only have to imagine if the calendar got stuck in early March and Spring never arrived to understand what is happening within your energy system.


This treatment is named after it’s Japanese inventor, Dr. Kobei Akabane. It measures and corrects the balance between the left and right branches of each meridian. Many physical pain issues are caused by an Akabane block.

Body Clock Re-set

Our bodies are exquisitely sensitive to light. Our cells are programmed to respond to sunrise and sunset. When our body becomes disconnected from this cycle, our health can suffer immensely.

This blockage was not that common until late night television and the internet kept us sitting in front of bright light well past dark.

Causative Factor

5-Element Acupuncture is based on the diagnosis of your Causative Factor. There is one causative imbalance which is at the core of many symptoms throughout your body, mind and spirit. Without treating the underlying  imbalance, the Causative Factor, you are not treating the root cause of your health issues. This treatment is the first step for all subsequent 5-Element treatments.

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