The Energy Balance Program

The Energy Balance Program is the third phase of 5-Element acupuncture treatment. Now that the diagnosis and overhaul are complete, you are ready to balance your healing energy.

The program consists of seven treatments spaced one week apart. These treatments focus on your Causative Factor. The concept of Causative Factor is what separates 5-Element acupuncture from other methods of acupuncture treatment.

Each person has an energy type or causative factor that is encoded deep within the body. It’s like your energy DNA.  By first treating the causative factor, the body’s innate healing powers are  restarted and a deep level of healing begins. This way we are truly treating the person and not just silencing symptoms of an  underlying imbalance.

Energy Balance Treatments
Causative Factor
– Command Points
– Body/Mind/Spirit
– Conception Vessel
– Governor Vessel
– Moxabustion
– Ear Points

Causative Factor

The foundation of 5-Element Acupuncture is the idea that each one of us has one and only one Causative Factor which, when treated, can bring the entire energy system back into balance.

One way to understand the power of the Causative Factor is to think of a sick mother with a screaming child. It’s better to bring the mother back to health,   who can then care for and sooth the child, instead of temporarily quieting the screaming child.

When you come for acupuncture, you might have many symptoms, all screaming loudly, but like a screaming child, these symptoms can distract us from the underlying cause of your health problems.

Without a constant focus on the Causative Factor, it’s all to easy to fall into the trap of chasing symptoms as they appear, never finding the true cause of any of them.

Command Points

Command point are the most important points on each meridian. They guide and direct the energy throughout the body and not just at the site of the acupuncture point. The command points are located between the elbows and fingers and knees and toes.


Illness can attack the body, mind or spirit. It’s  important to identify which  level is most disturbed. By tailoring treatments to the physical, mental or spirit level, a deeper more profound healing occurs.

Conception Vessel

The Conception Vessel is one of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians. It carries energy from deep within your core and distributes it to the six superficial yin meridians. By treating the Conception Vessel you can influence the entire yin network within the body.

Governor Vessel

The Governor Vessel is another of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians. It carries energy from deep within your core and distributes it to the six superficial yang meridians. By treating the Governor Vessel you can influence the entire yang network within the body.


Moxabustion is the burning of a tiny amount of the herb, mugwort on an acupuncture point to stimulate energy circulation through the point and smooth the flow of energy. Moxa can be used to add new energy to the body and is especially effective in the treatment of chronic problems.

Ear Points

Ear acupuncture is a modern form of acupuncture developed by French neurologist Paul Nogier in 1957. It’s an easy first aid style treatment and with special needles and can be useful in enhancing  the effects of traditional 5-Element treatments.


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