Directions to Clinton, NY Office

The Clinton, NY office is a bit tricky to find, because it is nestled in  lovely spot behind a lovely home in Clinton. The office is located within Carolyn Cesari’s place so if you know where she is, you are all set.

Basically, if you are coming from New Hartford and Urica, after you pass Robinson Road on your right, look for the Historic Clinton Sign.  93 Utica Street is three houses after that.

Once you turn into the driveway, drive all the way to the back toward the huge walnut tree and you will find a very short gravel drive that takes you to the office.

Park there and walk around to the front of the building. There may be a treatment going on in the back room.

Even if you live in Clinton, I strongly recommend that you turn around  in the Methodist Church driveway and come back toward looking for the sign. It really is that much easier the first time.

If you are having trouble finding us, please call my cell directly at 315-725-4581. I do have problems with getting good coverage from Verizon, so be sure to leave a message or send a txt if I don’t pick up right away.

Coming from the North, look for the Welcome to Clinton Sign. The driveway is three one after the sign.

This is what the mailbox looks like.

UPDATE: It’s now painted red!

Once you turn in, keep going toward the back to the giant walnut tree. Follow the gravel driveway and you will see parking.

Walk around to the left of the building and you will be at the front door.